Lawyer for Real Estate Agents

Grauf O'Brien Lawyers is pleased to announce their Real Estate Lawyers advisory services.

In conjunction with GO Coaching's Anne-Marie O'Brien, Grauf O'Brien Lawyers is working with real estate principals, high performing independent contractors, and new start-ups to ensure the Real Estate businesses can perform and continuously improve.

Grauf O'Brien Lawyers has acted for real estate principals in relation to the purchase of rent rolls, the sale of shareholdings in a real estate agency, employment law surrounding the loss of a key employee to a rival agency and, of course, structuring start-up real estate agencies to maximise tax effectiveness and asset protection.

Formerly a licence real estate agent and principal of a major franchise, and a Business Structuring Lawyer for nearly a decade, Dane Grauf of Grauf O'Brien Lawyers has the experience to assist you in any issue that may arise as you grind towards success in the real estate industry.

For a confidential discussion or a quick catch up over a coffee, give Dane a call directly on (07) 3085 5696.

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