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We have the know-how you need for commercial transactions and small business advise.

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ready, set, GO

Grauf O'Brien Lawyers is not your average commercial law firm.


The practice sets itself apart from its competitors with its unique service delivery model.

The goal at Grauf O'Brien Lawyers is to deliver excellent legal services to small businesses and entrepreneurs at a fraction of the costs of other commercial law firms.

Grauf O'Brien Lawyers has no interest in elaborate CBD office spaces or the formalities of our competition.

We can come to you and sit around your table to discuss your circumstances and, whilst we are based in  Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, we are happy to travel if the job requires it.

Alternatively, we can rely on the latest technology for face to face meetings electronically.


This model enables Grauf O'Brien Lawyers to be flexible on our fee structures, and our pricing reflects this. 

We like to see ourselves as innovators and, if you see yourself the same way, we would love to work with you.  With that said, if you need assistance taking you first step into a brave new world, then equally, we would love to be standing beside you as you do so!


If you have any questions about our service delivery, payment options or practice areas, please do not hesitate to contact our managing partner, Dane Grauf, for a confidential discussion.

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Given the space we operate in, Grauf O'Brien Lawyers understand that flexibility with respect to our fees is essential. What suits one person's cashflow does not necessarily suit another.

To support your business or individual needs, Grauf O'Brien Lawyers offers the following flexible fee arrangements.

Fixed Fee Upfront

As a preferred method of payment, Grauf O'Brien Lawyers offer this option at a discount from other payment options.  No more worrying about being charged by the minute!

Monthly Retainer

You may wish to have Grauf O'Brien Lawyers available at your "beck and call" for a particular project or during a period of transition.  The "in-house" option is completely flexible to your needs.  

Time Costing

Sometimes the old ways are the best!  Traditional time costing is offered in circumstances were it is necessary or when it will result in the best outcome for clients.

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PO Box 2446

North Ipswich, QLD, 4305


+617 3085 5696

Thank you! We will revert to you shortly.

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