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Business Structuring

Grauf O'Brien Lawyers can create a structure for your family or your business that, maximise asset protection and minimises taxation expense.

We can work with your other advisors to ensure that the structure we propose best suits your needs and is managed appropriately moving forward.


In our experience, it is best to build for the future when creating a structure, so seek advice early in your business's or family's asset acquisition stage.

However, combined with our Insolvency & Bankruptcy experience, we can formally restructure your business or family asset position in the event they are exposed to risk.

Amongst other things, Grauf O'Brien Lawyers are experienced in:

  1. Partnership Arrangements;

  2. Joint Ventures;

  3. Special Purpose Vehicles;

  4. Family Trusts;

  5. Discretionary Trusts;

  6. Unit Trusts;

  7. Management Agreements;

  8. Deed's of Company Arrangement and Voluntary Administration;

  9. Asset leasing in compliance with the Personal Property Securities Act 2009; and

  10. Security Agreements.


Insolvency & Bankruptcy

We get it.  Insolvency & Bankruptcy is one of the most competitive areas of law.  So why Grauf O'Brien Lawyers?

Well, here is a short (but very compelling) list of reasons why you should choose Grauf O'Brien Lawyers over our competitors:

  1. We have low, flexible fees.  Other firms need to satisfy substantial overheads which are not necessary for Grauf O'Brien Lawyers to offer you our legal services. For this reason, Grauf O'Brien Lawyers can afford to offer you lower prices and more flexible payment arrangements.  Click here for our flexible options.

  2. We have post-graduate qualifications in Insolvency & Bankruptcy.  Solicitors undertake the Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association ("ARITA") education program.  With that said, we note that our solicitors are no longer members of ARITA.

  3. We are insured and regulated as a firm of solicitors. Often our competition is not regulated at all. If our service standard is not up to scratch, it will be reviewed by the Queensland Law Society amongst other bodies.


We act for companies, directors and shareholders in circumstances where there is a concern that the business is trading whilst insolvent, which is a breach of directors duties.

We can provide advice on the various forms of insolvency appointments including, voluntary administration, receiverships, and liquidations.  We can even provide introductions to insolvency practitioners to take an appointment if necessary.

We also act for insolvency practitioners. This places Grauf O'Brien Lawyers in good stead to provide advice in situations where an insolvency practitioner, like a liquidator, is suing you for insolvent trading, uncommercial transaction, preference payments or asserting assets have vested under the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 notwithstanding you might have title to them.

If you have a delinquent debtor that you wish to place into liquidation, we can assist there too!


If you are personally suffering financial hardship or are involved financially with a person who is bankrupt, then we may be able to assist.

Grauf O'Brien Lawyers can provide you with advice as to the alternatives of bankruptcy, including personal insolvency agreements (Part X Agreements) , and debt agreements (Part IX Agreements).  Grauf O'Brien Lawyers can also assist in preparing debtors petitions to declare bankruptcy voluntarily.

As we often act for the Trustee's in Bankruptcy, we can assist in providing advice as to compliance during the period of your bankruptcy and the vesting of particular assets in a bankrupt estate.

Generally speaking, we have seen it all before!


Real Estate Lawyers

Grauf O'Brien Lawyers has a lot of Real Estate experience.  It's founding partner, Dane Grauf, used to be a principal of an agency within a major real estate franchise group.  

Also, a lot of our current client base are real estate offices.

With the knowledge and experience of how a real estate office works, how they grow, and the problems that they can sometimes have, we can work with principals and independent contractors a like to streamline their process and transactions.  For example, we act in the purchase and sale of rent rolls, the sale or part sale of businesses, the necessary partnership or shareholder agreements and also the entry into office leases.  In fact, we can restructure your entire operation from the ground up if you need to!

How we can assist:

  • Partnership negotiations 

  • Structuring Real Estate practices

  • Shareholder Agreements

  • Succession

  • Rent Roll sale and purchases (including assisting in the financing of the same)

  • Business sale and purchases

  • Independent Contractor and Employee management



Grauf O'Brien Lawyers has considerable experience in advising client's when entering into a new Commercial Lease or a Retail Shop Lease. Quite often, our advise aligns with the purchase or sale of a business, which requires a new lease to be entered or an assignment of the current lease. Grauf O'Brien Lawyers can also assist at the time of renewal of a current lease.

However, if you are a start-up or simply moving premises, Grauf O'Brien Lawyers can assist to smooth out the real estate aspect of you venture.

Grauf O'Brien Lawyers offers fixed fee services for all aspects of leasing transaction.  Please get in touch for a written quote.

How we can assist:

  • Retail Shop Leases (Acting for Lessor or Lessee or Assignor or Assignee)

  • Commercial Leases(Acting for Lessor or Lessee or Assignor or Assignee)


Small Business Advisory

Our business model is designed so that we can provide advice to small businesses on the legal aspects of their day-to-day operations.

Grauf O'Brien Lawyers relies on its experience in building businesses and aiding failing or struggling businesses and offers an "in-house counsel" service to organisations that may need the extra assistance, however cannot justify the cost of a full time in-house lawyer.

The small business advisory services offered by Grauf O'Brien Lawyers can be completely customised to your particular needs.

This service offering is ideal for:

  1. Implementing particular projects with a start and end date;

  2. Start-ups;

  3. Negotiations with key stakeholders, including landlords, banks, or key creditors;

  4. A sale or purchase of a business or key assets; or

  5. Business succession. 

Effectively, Grauf O'Brien Lawyers will work along side your business to provide it with the commercial legal support your business might require from time to time.

The commercial acumen of Grauf O'Brien Lawyers sets it apart from its competitors, with solicitors holding additional qualifications and experience in ISO 9001, tertiary business management and marketing qualifications and experience in business outside the legal profession. Grauf O'Brien Lawyers have a broad understanding of your operational environment and can communicate on terms that you understand.